Unibet Live Casino: How to play the best games (NJ)

Take a look into the best live casino games that Unibet currently has right here.

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Three Card Poker – can your three cards beat the dealers?

Three Card Poker is a classic live game that has sprung directly from the Evolution Gaming catalog. These guys are some of the best in the business when it comes to live gaming, so the quality of this game really is top-notch. When you play Three Card Poker, you are going heads up against a live dealer and each of you will receive a hand consisting of three cards.

Much like regular poker, you can see your cards and then choose a stake that you think is competitive based on the cards that you have. The dealer will only play if they hold at least a Queen in their three cards, and one of the interesting differences about this game is that a straight beats a flush. 

Slingshot Roulette – see if you can keep your eyes on the ball!

Slingshot Roulette is an exciting variation of the classic casino game of roulette, but there are a few features that make this game unique. First of all, the game might be in the live casino section, but you won’t find a dealer throwing the ball around the roulette wheel. Instead, this is all automated and a machine shoots the ball out at high speeds around the wheel, hence the name Slingshot Roulette.

The rules here follow the standard European Roulette rules, where there is just a single zero and numbers from 1 to 36. Much like other live casino roulette games, you can actually watch the ball fly around the wheel in the top left of the screen, and the house only has a 2.7% edge here, which is more favorable than other games. 

Live Baccarat – a traditional and classic casino game

Baccarat is a bit more complicated than some of the other games on this list, which can sometimes scare gamers away. Once you get the hang of things however, this really is an enjoyable game. This version of Baccarat supported with Unibet follows the traditional rules, so you have the option to bet on the banker, player, or you can bet on a tie where the payoff is higher but the risk is also larger. 

While you can make these three kinds of bets, many gamers out there will always tell you to back the banker, as the house edge is just 1.06% in live Baccarat. However, ultimately the choice comes down to you, but either way, this is a fun game. Even if you do not quite grasp the game at first, you can still have a great time chatting with the dealer and enjoying some awesome video streaming along the way. 

Live Blackjack – play it smart and play to win

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Just like the Baccarat game mentioned previously follows a classic version, so too does the live Blackjack game that is available. Here you may be joined by several other players at the table, however, which does create a bit of a community feel about the Blackjack game. Some people prefer this and some don’t, as depending on the moves made by others at the table, you could receive better cards or worse cards – it really depends on a number of factors.

You can play this game for just $1 per hand if you like, and you can also make side bets where the payouts can be considerably larger based on card combinations and other aspects such as ‘perfect pairs’. 

Casino Hold’em – another great variation of live poker

This is the second poker game that is supported in the Unibet live casino, and it is equally as enjoyable as the Three Card Poker game mentioned previously. With Casino Hold’em, the rules follow standard Hold’em rules, where you play up until five cards are drawn and the best hand wins. The RTP for this game currently stands at 98.75%, which is already an appealing aspect of Casino Hold’em.

This game is actually much simpler than other games on this list, as you basically receive two cards from the dealer, and as long as you ‘call’ to remain in the game, you will be involved in a showdown with the dealer after the final card is drawn. This is what determines who the winner of the hand is, but you always just play against the dealer, not with other players. 

How to create a Unibet account and grab your welcome bonus

To create an account with Unibet you first need to get the app downloaded or open up the desktop site, as you need to go through the standard sign up process. This can be done from both platforms, and all you need to do is provide your date of birth, gender, title, contact number, and New Jersey residence address. 

When you are signing up, you may be asked to enter a promo code to receive $10 in free casino bonuses as well as qualify for a 100% match on your first deposit. Make sure that you enter this code as this will ensure that the stated bonuses will automatically be applied to your account.

FAQs – Unibet Casino sign up

Must I create a separate account to play live casino games?

No, Unibet requires that you have just one account in which you can access all available games on the site, including live casino games.

How long does the sign-up process actually take?

You can complete the entire process in less than five minutes as long as you have the information that they require readily available.

Can I play these games on a mobile app?

Yes, Unibet has a mobile app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS right now, with all of these games supported.

Does Unibet require that I download any software to play?

Not at all, as the games have been implemented through the use of HTML5 software. This basically means that as soon as you select the game it will open up and be ready to play.

Are there any interesting features of these live casino games?

Sure – you can communicate with others at the table as well as the dealer through a chat box, and you can place side bets for many of the live casino games.