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Introduction on NJ Casinos

Gambling is a very popular form of entertainment for many people. There are people that enjoy sports betting as a “lighter” form of gambling and there are people that prefer to do some “hardcore” gambling in casinos. Well, for the latter option, you could always go and visit an online casino website where you can play. But since there are dozens of online casino websites, you may get confused as to where to play safely. This article will share with you some information on the best casino sites in New-Jersey, 100% licensed by the DJE. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Other Interesting Online NJ Casinos

All the casinos listed on this page are fully legal & licensed in New Jersey. They all have a strong offer: blackjack, poker, slots, live dealers, VIP rewards and massive welcome bonuses.

Mohegan Sun Casino – good online casino, bad website

Deposit bonuses

Mohegan Sun Casino offers generous bonuses to new players. All you need to do is make a single deposit and you’ll get rewarded for it. At the very least you will be able to get 20$ that you can use as free bets – this comes by virtue of you having made any deposit at all. But moreover, you will be able to get 100% matched bonus of up to 1000$. This means that if you decide to deposit, at most, 1000$, you will a matched bonus – in the previous case a free bonus of 1000$. But before you will be able to use this bonus, you will have to do one thing. And this includes entering the bonus code into the appropriate field. There is nothing easier than this. All you need to do is register an account and find the appropriate field for entering the bonus code. Once you locate it, all you need to do is write the phrase “MOHEGAN”. And there you have it. You will now be the proud recipient of the Mohegan welcome deposit bonus of up to 1000$.

Games offered

If there is one thing that’s definitely not lacking on this website, then it’s the number of games that you can play. First of all, you have the option of playing table games. These include craps, baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean Stud poker, wheel of fortune, roulette, and many others. And then there are the slot machines – you’ll be able to find dozens of them. Chances are that you will find something that will fit your needs and personal preferences. Finally, you could play one of the many variants of the game of poker, including, but not limited to Texas Hold ‘Em. The gambling games at Mohegan Casino are made by some of the best game-designing companies that operate in the market. This, in turn, means that you can definitely find what you need as a gambler. You should feel free to give this casino a try – check what games are available and try playing some of them.

Live Casino Offer

As far as we could see, there isn’t any live casino option that you can enjoy using. This is a serious fault that the casino should consider fixing. Many of the top level online casinos all feature the opportunity for live gambling. This makes the entire gambling experience that much more fun. But if you want to play regular online gambling games, then you could still have Mohegan Sun Casino as an option.

Deposit methods

As to the deposit and withdrawal methods that you can use – you’ll be happy to learn that there is a number of them. At the first and foremost, you will be able to use credit and debit cards to fund your account. This includes Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and a few other providers. You’ll also be able to use PayPal. There are a few other options that you can check out.

Look & Feel of the site

Now, Mohegan Sun’s website leaves a lot to be desired. For all practical purposes, it’s terrible. We’re talking about the way it looks – it’s made way too simple and the colors don’t match at all. It looks like it’s been made for 10$. Truth be told, we had difficulties accessing the gaming section of the website itself. So, Sun Mohegan’s ownership should definitely do something about improving the state that the website’s in.

Mobile Apps

Luckily, there is a redeeming feature for the way the website looks and feels. And this feature is the mobile application that’s available for download. You can download this application very easily for Android and iOS devices. And then you can enjoy playing some of the gambling games available at Mohegan Sun Casino on your smartphone. It’s a solid application that offers good performances.

Sugar House – a solid contender for the best casino site in US

Deposit bonuses

The best online casino sites all offer hefty bonuses for the players. And this goes especially for the newer players – they are trying to incite the newbies to stick around. So, SugarHouse casino will give you 20$ if you just sign up – you can use them on the slot games. But that’s not all, you’ll also get a matched bonus for your initial first deposit. You can get matched up to 100$ with this bonus. In this sense, SugarHouse casino offers some of the best bonuses and promotional offers for players and, especially, the newer players.

Games offered

There are many games that you can play in this casino. There are table games such as craps, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. There’s roulette as well – the people among you that love to have access to a wider variety of gambling games will find your stay in this casino rather enjoyable. Finally, there are dozens of different slot machines that you can play. You can see the list of the games that you can play when you enter this website. Check them out and see which ones you would like to play.

Live Casino Offer

This is the second online casino in a row where we weren’t able to find a live gambling option. Live gambling enables players to feel like they’re in a real casino – when they are actually using the form of internet gambling. So, this is a fault of SugarHouse casino – we hope that they will give this option to the gamblers.

Deposit methods

Sadly, you won’t be able to use the most widely used payment methods – credit and debit cars. One can only try and imagine what the reasons for this might be. However, you can find some other methods with which you can deposit money – Neteller, ACH/eCheck, or by using the special SugarHouse prepaid card. You can also decide to deposit directly in the SugarHouse game – you need to use cash for this purpose. The cage’s staff will then redirect your cash to your online account. However, we still feel that SougarHouse casino should definitely work on implementing other kinds of deposit methods as well – such as some of the mainstream credit and debit cards.

Look & Feel of the site

This is a step in the right direction. This website not only looks good but it’s also highly functional. You can find your way around the many gambling games very easily. All you need to do is spend a few minutes in checking out the website and seeing how it works – and voila – you have learned your way around the website. We need to commend the SugarHouse web-design team for creating a solid website.

Mobile app

There is an application that you can use for smartphones. However, you will be able to only install it if you have an Android or an iOS device at hand. This application makes things a lot simpler – in fact, there are some additional bonuses that you can use by playing some of the casino games through this application. Go ahead and download it – we think that you will like using it on the go.

Resorts Casino: a huge slot offer

Deposit Bonuses

The grand prize for promotional bonuses goes to Resorts Casino. This is a place where you can get up to 1000$ just by making a single deposit. Of course, this doesn’t come for absolutely free. You will still need to make a deposit – and, depending on its size, you’ll get a certain amount of money as a prize. This is a 100% matched bonus. Use it wisely. You will, however, have to do something first – you’ll need to enter the bonus code. This is very simple – there will be a field where you can do this when applying the bonus. All you need to do is write “DEPOSIT1” without the quotation mark and you’ll be given the welcome deposit bonus.

Games offered

The top casinos all offer a wide selection of gambling games that players can play at their leisure. And the same goes for the online Resort Casino. So, that being said, you will definitely be able to find some of your favorite gambling games here. There’s slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, and many other gambling games. We suggest that you check out the entire list of games by going to the website and seeing what it’s about.

Live Casino offer

There is no offer for live gambling on Resorts Casino either. This is very disappointing as all of these three casinos don’t offer live gambling to players. It’s bad because of the fact that there are many different people that enjoy this particular form of gambling. They still don’t wish to get out of their homes but they want to feel like they are at a brick and mortar casino. So, the absence of the live casino offer means that these people won’t be able to indulge themselves in this way.

Deposit methods

You can use different ways to make deposits. The usual credit/debit card combo is here for you. You can use some of the credit and debit card providers like MasterCard, Visa and Maestro for this purpose. The fact of the matter is that these few methods are among the most widely used deposit methods in the world of online gambling. However, there are a few other deposit methods that you could use for this purpose as well. These include eChecks and the use of various prepaid cards.

Look & Feel of the site

The SugarHouse casino has a great online gambling website. It looks good, at the first and foremost. It features a combination of the two main colors of blue and white. It’s easy on the eyes. Also, all of the different options that you can use on the website are readily available to you within a few clicks of your mouse. It’s very easy to understand how this website works and operates. You only need to give it a few minutes and you’ll learn all there is about it.

Mobile app

The mobile application of SugarHouse casino really doesn’t really have good reviews. There are many people that report that the application starts to crash once you hit a winning streak. Also, there are reports that it’s not very easy to withdraw your money either. However, there are also reports that the application is steady and stable. We personally hadn’t had any issues with this application whatsoever. You can download it both for Android and for iOS smartphones. It can make your entire gambling experience a lot simpler and easier to enjoy.

Final verdict

We can all agree that there are many different casino gambling websites that are available online. We have made a short list of some of the best of them. But it’s a lot easier to check what a website is about by using it than by reading about it. So, our final suggestion to you is to go and check what these websites are all about. Chances are that you will find out that one of these websites is much more suitable for your needs and preferences than another one.

You’re welcome to try and play some of your favorite gambling games on these websites. Mohegan Sun, SugarHouse, and Resorts Casino all have their own strengths and weaknesses. We still feel that you will be able to find one of these websites very enjoyable. So, good luck with your gambling experience!

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  • Borgata Casino
  • Harrah’s Casino

Always check your local legislation before registering and playing on the casino site.