Finding the best sports that you can bet on

What are the best sports to bet on?

There is an onslaught of online articles that say that there are various sports that will get you more money than some other sports. The usual conclusion of these articles is that if you focus on these “high-paying” sports, you will get more money on average – even if you aren’t knowledgeable in that sport. But this is a ridiculous assumption, at best.

First rule: bet where you’re knowledgeable

The professional gamblers win more money than they lose in sports betting. They have a steady amount of profits that have slight variations due to the factor of luck. The professional bettors that win more often than not have a clear strategy that they use for betting. Sports betting is often thought to relate to luck only. The fact of the matter is that professionals involve the elements of statistics and math in order to win. But in any case, if you wish to win consistently in sports betting, then you need to know a lot of information in the field where you’re betting.

The analysis of a particular match is directly dependent on the particular sport. You can’t realistically look at a tennis game and a soccer game in the same way. If we take soccer as an example – there are a lot of unique factors on which the outcome of the game will depend. It depends on the streak of the team, the unavailable and available players, the home-pitch and away-pitch performance, the style of play – and other factors. So, if you have been betting at soccer and you know of the depth of the game, then it would be ridiculous to say that you will be able to make more money by betting on tennis – if you know nothing of this game at all.

It’s very unlikely to win bigger profits by betting on a sport that you really don’t know anything about. It’s likely that you will win bigger profits by betting on sports that you know. And your passion may be your guide – if you love soccer, then you will be much more inclined to learn more about its depths. If you dislike tennis – then you will have a hard time learning everything you need to learn about the game.

The conclusion of this is rather simple: you only need to do sports betting in sports where you’re most knowledgeable.

An ideal option would be for you to experiment a bit and learn more about the most profitable sports that you can bet on. But before all is said and done, you will need to consider the wager and the particular sport.

Collective or individual sports?

Chances are that you believe that collective sports can be much more profitable than individual sports. The reason for this is that the group psychology effect can have a profound influence on the sports event. If there is a lone player, then it will be a lot more difficult to see where the game is headed.

The team sports factor means that even though a single player can have a bad day – this can be offset by his or her teammates. But in individual sports, the exact opposite is the truth. However, if you have deep knowledge of certain individual sports, you may be able to predict the performance of the player. This includes even the game of tennis. We would personally recommend you to not bet on individual sports – especially on small odds. Experience and statistics show that this is usually not a profitable venture.



You can follow sports matches in real time and bet in this way. The beauty of this is that you can make small bets at the right time and win money while risking small sums only. Another positive factor is that you can bet with the odds in your favor. All you need to do is pick the right moments that can win you big money. For an example, you may want to bet on a particular team or a player. If you wait for a while, then you may see that they start the game in a bad form. Consequently, the odds may grow and you may win more money by winning your bet.

The best reason to bet on soccer is that the bookies make frequent errors – and this reduces the risk for the person that bets. It’s easy for bookies to keep track of various individual sports. But when it comes to sports like American football and soccer, there is a lot of commotion and the bookies have difficulties in setting the right odds for the losers and winners. This means that the rates that you bet on will vary at different bookmakers.

When it comes to the game of soccer, you can bet on your favorite team and win. But also, you can get lucky in finding better odds at various bookmakers.

Different types of bets

There’s always the question of which sport should choose and what bet you should make. This is a hard question for most gamblers because of the fact that there are many options that you can choose from at various bookmakers. And most of them are highly appealing.

The best bets, according to logic are the bets that you can make with two versions of the predictions. If there are three bets on a particular game – then if you cover two of them in a single bet, it means that you will win 66.7% of the time. But if you bet on a sport with two potential outcomes, then you will only have a 50% chance to win.

The professional punters usually recommend betting on the number of points in volleyball and basketball or the total number of goals in hockey and soccer matches or the number of games in tennis. If you bet in this way, you will have a 50% chance of winning.

Spread betting

An example of spread betting is that in a particular soccer game there will be 2-3 goals. Another example would be betting that a basketball team won’t lose the game with more than 12 points. These are some of the most popular kinds bets that are made in many sports. These bets can be profitable if you identify the favorable bets. As an example, a bookie may set high odds for the underdog so that it will attract people to bet on it. You may realize that it’s that likely to be profitable to bet on the underdogs winning. But you may expect the underdogs to lose with dignity. In such a case, you will be able to bet on the underdogs not losing with a difference of more than x points/goals, depending on what sport you’re betting.

There is a famous saying by Warren Buffet: “Do not invest in something you do not know.” The same goes for sports betting. If you don’t understand sports betting, then you shouldn’t invest in it. If you wish to succeed in it – you need to find the best combination for your particular needs and preferences.

If you wish to see the most profitable bets for you, then you can try betting on a particular sport for a few months. Then you will be able to see what sport you’re most likely to win money on.