Best In Play & Live Betting Sites in US

The ability to do some live betting is very important. Almost all of the US-based operators give this service to the players. What you need to be aware of is that there are some small differences in the way that these services are offered. Most bettors don’t really care about these differences by virtue of the fact that they are small – but the fact of the matter is that the differences can amount to you winning a lot of money per week!

We’ll now provide you with a list of some of the bookies that give you some of the fines live betting services in US. You can access them through their applications or websites:

We would have to say that William Hill offers one of the best live betting systems in the world. There are many ways in which you can utilize this service to your profits.

William Hill Live Betting options


There are many different statistics that you can see on this betting service. The odds get a quick update during the matches and sports events.

If you place a bet here, then it will get approved in less than 10 seconds. The delays can be huge in some other betting services – so it’s always nice to know that this isn’t the case at William Hill.

There is a William Hill application. It features some nice special options that you can use to bet live. It’s very well put and you can use it in a fast and effective way. The stats will be updated very quickly.

You can see many of the sports events live by checking the live streaming source.

There is a permanent service when it comes to William Hill. There are 6 sports that you can bet on at the same time. The main sport on this platform is US football. You can place bets on the major leagues and main events in this country.


The website can be slow at times when it comes to the action of loading the data of the live betting event. But there are still some promotions and offers available for the betting stakes. And this is not something that some of the other bookies offer. Also, it will let you place your bet anyway, even though you have to wait 2 seconds.

So, the William Hill betting service offers a lot of interesting advances in the field of live betting. There are a website and an application and by using them you will get all you need as a punter.

Fan Duel: An alternative for live betting and in-play

You can learn how to use the live betting service on this platform very easily, no matter who you are. The service features a great graphic design. There are many tools that punters can use. But the best thing about this betting service is that there are many different sports events from different sports.


The pros of using this platform are that there are many different betting options and market – more than a hundred. However, there is a nice bonus in the sense that Paddy Powers will only offer you the sports and events that you can win the most out of. You’ll be able to get great benefits if you use this betting platform.

Then there’s the fact that there is a Fan Duel application. You can get the same offers, promotions, and functionalities that you can find on the website. You can learn how to use this app very easily – it’s pretty much the same in this sense as the website. The application is available both for Android and iOS.

There are also virtuals that you can use for live betting. There are few bookies in the entire United States that offer this service. You can find horse racing, football, and a number of other sports on the list for live betting.

There is also the fact that you can do live streaming for many of the sports events that are available on this platform. You can also see the sports events live on the application. There are live commentaries and many other things that you can look out for. T

Fan Duel offers some of the most lucrative odds that you can find on the US betting market. You can find major differences in the odds when you compare them to other betting platforms.

You won’t have to wait a long time before your bets get approved. This goes especially for sports such as football, baseball, golf, or tennis.


If you use the application for betting, then it may go slower than what you’d get at the website. The reason for this is that the application weighs a bit heavier (in the appropriate sense) when you compared it to the other betting applications that you can find on the market.

So, the final verdict is that Paddy Power is a great live betting platform. You can find many different markets and betting options for the sports events. There are also great odds that you can use in order to profit. You can use the application in order to bet live on all of the Android and iOS devices.

Bet365: the next US giant


Bet365 should have soon a live betting service for US bettors. In the UK and other english countries, the operator that offers live betting services for many different sports events from all around the world. The added benefit is that you have many more betting options for these events – you’ll be able to do cash-out in most of these events.


The biggest pro is that cash-outs are readily available for most events. There isn’t any other operator in the US that features this service on all the live betting sports events. You can do cash-outs by using this platform for some of the biggest events that have live betting. This includes international and national venues as well.

This website has a very simple betting interface when it comes to live betting. However, this doesn’t take away from its power. There’s the option of 1X2 for betting on football. The events are systematized in what order they are on. You can find the most profitable betting options in the main panel for live betting.

You can also watch live streaming. There’s an interactive pitch and there are also a lot of information and statistics that you can use for betting. The sports that feature this are tennis, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

There are many different sports events that you can bet on every day on live betting. More than a hundred, to be precise. This makes Coral one of the leading betting platforms in the US in this sense. You can find the same information, offers, and options for every event that you can find with the other bookies.

Then there’s also an official application that you can use on Coral. You can do some live betting and enjoy using some unique features. You can get this application by downloading it at the Coral official website.


The interface of the live betting platform in Coral is very simple – so simple in fact, that you may find it difficult to reach the betting options. However, with a little time and effort, you will be able to go over this hurdle.

Coral is a great platform that offers solid live betting services. The level of the platform is almost at the level of some of the leading bookies in the US market. There are also many sports and betting options that you can choose from. You can use the application in order to get great promotions and even some free bets.

WIlliam Hill: absence of live betting on the application

William Hill is, in fact, one of the first bookies that offered the service of live betting in the US. This has given the company time to develop a very easy to use live betting system. It features many benefits that bettors can use for profits.


There are more than ten different sports that you can do live betting on. This includes various esports events as well. You can find the entire schedule for the events in live betting for the entire day. You’ll also get to use special features such as personalized alerts that you can use for the events.

This is a fast system that you can use for live betting – it’s highly modernized. You’ll also get an interactive pitch with a timer, statistics and all you need for the event. You’ll get the best experience if you use Wi-Fi on the device that you will access this platform from.

You’ll get more than a hundred different betting options for live betting. You’ll get the most frequently used options, but also some unique, exotic options. Examples of the latter would be Draw no Bet, Asian Handicap, halves, and others.

There is also the fact that you’ll get access to the mobile website. You can do some live betting here, on par with the regular website. But also, you will get free promotions and bets coming your way. The design of the mobile application is very elegant. There are no extensive graphics – and this makes the mobile website run very fast.


There is no option for live betting through an application. You can only use the mobile site instead. Most of the other operators use applications – and this makes Bet365 seem a bit unprofessional in comparison.

Betfred: not enough statistics

The greatest benefit of using Betfred for live betting is that it’s highly affordable. You can easily learn to use it and there are high odds for many events. The MO of Betfred is not to tail behind the inventors in the market. They have taken the place of inventors themselves – and they offer some of the best live betting that you can find in the US.


The main sport for the live betting on Betfred is English football. There are many market options. The estimates are that there are around 50 for any given event. There are also other offers that you can use. The English Premier League is readily available for betting and so are some of the other major leagues in Europe and around the world.

You can do cash-outs for the live betting. Practically every single one of the sports events features cash-outs. The odds that you will get on this platform are competitive and high.

The live betting service is very easy to use. It features a very simple design with no elaborate graphics. It offers everything you need in order to bet on the sporting events.

You’ll get your bets confirmed in a matter of seconds. In fact, Betfred is one of the leading names in the efficiency and speed of the confirmation of live bets.

There are more than 40 options and markets for the events for live betting. There are also high odds that different bettors will find use of. You can use these odds in order to get rich quickly.

There is, of course, a Betfred application that you can use for live betting. It features robust security, just like the website. You can use the application on iOS and Android devices and you can download it at the official website of Betfred.


The major con is that this website offers very little information in the betting section. This section needs to be developed in the near future. If you wish to have a lot of data before you can place your bets – then we don’t recommend you use this platform.

Betfred features many different sports options and events. This makes Betfred a contender for the best operator for live betting. You’ll be able to use this platform while being fully secure and safe.

Betfair: available in play for exchange and sportsbook betting

This specialist exchange features a service for live betting for smartphones and desktops. This bookie experiences unstoppable growth. Its services are gradually improving and there are many new options and markets that aren’t usually available to the public on other platforms.


The biggest pro of this website is that it features a modern interface for live betting. It’s very simple to use it, however, the design still manages to captivate the eye.

You also get the opportunity to bet life for the sportsbook and the exchange sections.

The live betting option is readily available for the exchange and sportsbook sections. This means that there are 2 services for live betting from a single bookmaker. This is not a feat that’s replicated in the world of betting anywhere else.

There are many big events and major sports leagues. They may be slightly limited; however, they feature very high odds for the bettors.

You can use the service for live betting on the official application made by Betfair. There are many different bonuses and special options that you can use, alongside personalization alerts. This will help you follow the events better and easier.

There are five main sports, including cricket, tennis, football, hockey, and basketball. There also other specials included in Betfair.


There is a huge limitation in the sense of the betting markets that are available in Betfair. This is especially the case with football. There are less than 15% of the sports events that are available at other bookies, available at Betfair. And this trend is likely to continue for now.

The live betting service of Betfair is solid and it definitely has to offer something to the bettors from all around the world. The services are improving at a fast rate. However, they need to include more betting markets and more information and stats for the bettors in the near future.

This list may anticipate the new US sports betting regulation. Always check your local regulation to check if you are allowed to play.’

Disclaimer: Always refer to the Bet365 platforms for the latest updates and information.