FanDuel vs Draftkings: Which Sportsbook Wins?

Fanduel and Draftkings are arguably the biggest names in fantasy betting. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, sometimes punters face challenges. It is especially because all the platforms give gamblers a similar gaming experience. But from a review perspective, looking into, and comparing features/products should put the competition to rest.

FanDuel vs Draftkings: Welcome Offers & Exclusive Promo Codes

Fanduel vs DraftkingsWelcome Bonuses ()Exclusive Promo Codes


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Welcome bonus: Draftkings wins 

Fantasy betting is a relatively new feature in the betting industry. The fact that few gambling companies have ventured into it lends our claim. But like most sportsbooks that feature real sports on their platforms, bonuses are part of the game. Thus, we wanted to compare FanDuel and Draftkings on the premise of their welcome bonuses. 

Often, punters believe that the bigger the welcome bonuses, the more attractive a platform becomes. We went down to the wire comparing welcome bonuses between these two bookmarkers. From our findings, Draftkings carries the day. Here is what we found:

Draftkings $500 welcome bonus vs. Fanduel welcome bonus

  • Draftkings $500 welcome bonus 100 % matchup is particularly impressive when we compared it to $20 you get on FanDuel. While punters can double their first money deposit up to $500 on Draftkings, not to mention free $3 players get to try their luck in the first contest, Fanduel matchup bonus of up to $20 is not anywhere closes to Draftkings welcome bonus offer. 
  • We also noted that Draftkings bonus comes with easier terms than that of FanDuel. All you need to do to unlock the bonus is to play frequently and earn points. For every 100 points earned playing leagues on the platform, punters unlock $1 of the bonus. 

Overall, a huge bonus that Draftkings offers plus easy terms of unlocking it is why we rate the welcome stipend 4.8/5. 

Sportsbook & odds: Draftkings wins 

Sportsbook and odds is another premise on which we compared the two platforms. Thus, we asked questions like which one has the best odds and wide-ranging betting markets? We dug deeper and found out that while both fantasy betting platforms have heavily invested in providing players with wire-ranging playing options, Draftkings has higher stake odds compared to Fanduel. 

We also noted that both platforms compare fairly on their sportsbooks, offering similar games. On both platforms, you will find fantasy games such as MLB, NBA, college basketball, golf, soccer, NASCAR, NHL, college football, NFL and Tennis. There are, however, a few exceptions. Draftkings exudes a greater prowess on its sportsbook because of extra games and betting markets you will not find on FanDuel.  Games like Arena Football League, European basketball league, MMA, eSports and Canadian football league only exists on Draftkings sportsbook. 

While FanDuel is looking into additional games for its sportsbook platform, with MMA likely to be the first, its sportsbook scope is limited to basic fantasy games. Both have employed innovativeness in their approach to giving punters as many options as possible. However, we find Draftkings a little bit over the edge; hence trounce Fanduel on sportsbook and odds. 

FanDuel has wide-ranging betting options, not to mention attractive spreads for punters looking to make more money. Their money line is favourable but when we compare it to Draftkings, the latter has lots of options, given its extra games that you don’t find on the former’s platform. 

Draftkings vs. FanDuel playing bonuses 

Fantasy gaming comes with more exciting bonuses on top of odds on every sportsbook. Based on our investigation of the two platforms, FanDuel wins when it comes to playing bonuses. The company gives punters a chance to earn points when playing on their online casino sportsbook. From Bronze, silver, gold to platinum, there are more attractive playing bonuses on Fanduel than Draftkings. 

Bonus for existing players: FanDuel wins

Another feature we looked into bonuses for players who have signed up with either or both platforms.  We asked questions like, how do referral bonus compare against each other and who wins? Is there a loyalty bonus? Which platform wins when it comes to the provision of bonuses to their existing players? Well, here are our findings, and most importantly, our verdict:

Referral bonuses

  • FanDuel does well in refer-a-friend player bonuses. If a new player signs up via your email referral, you earn a bonus of $25.  The qualifying deposit for this offer is also $25. Draftkings is not very specific on referable bonuses hence Fanduel takes the lead with our rating of 4.3/5 compared to 4/5 we give Draftkings. 

Loyalty bonuses

  • Loyalty bonuses for existing players is another area we delved into and from our findings, FanDuel has a better program. It premises its loyalty rewards on a tier point system. For example, players earn $1 for every 5 points they earn from plating slots. Their loyalty program is particularly applicable to casino games.


  • FanDuel also offers its players loyalty bonuses, which we find way attractive compared to what we found on Draftkings. The good news about Draftkings is that every year, it gives out more than $5 billion in promotion bonuses, usually up for grabs among players on the platform. The expiry date of Draftkings promotion bonuses is also friendlier than Fanduel. Thus, we wouldn’t hesitate to rate loyalty bonuses higher at 4.6/5 compared to 4.1/5 we would give Draftkings. 


  • Draftkings has a VIP program we found quite impressive. We wouldn’t want to conclude it is to counter FanDuel expanded loyalty rewards, rather, to reward players who become premium customers after playing many games. From private contests, access to live games to executive service, earning Draftkings playing bonuses is quite difficult. While loyalty bonuses and VIP programs on both platforms are typically the same, FanDuel wins on the average rating for the service. 

Weekly bonuses

  • On FanDuel, there is a weekly bonus of up to $5 pegged on a minimum stake of $250. It applies to a featured game of the week. On the contrary, Draftkings gives its players $1 for every $10 in playing bonuses.  When we compared the two offers, Draftkings makes it easier to earn playing bonuses than what we found on FanDuel.

Our verdict on playing bonuses and offers is that FanDuel wins.  It has the most expansive loyalty program tied to points which are easy to earn compared to a seemingly bureaucratic process of getting playing bonuses on Draftkings. Our rating is, therefore, in favour of FanDuel at 4.4/5.

FanDuel vs Draftkings: Additional features 

Apart from bonuses and promotions Draftkings and FanDuel offer players, we also wanted to find out more about other features that make them outstanding. We were particularly interested in live streaming which is a popular feature in sports betting today, offers on their mobile Apps, cash-out function and more. We share our findings in the following subsections:

Live Stream

Live streaming is today’s most sought-after in betting sites. It makes it easy for punters to place their wagers anywhere, and anytime. It becomes even more interesting when live streaming is available on the mobile App. Thus, a question we asked when comparing FanDuel and Draftkings is that do both sites have a live stream feature? 

In April 2019, FanDuel announced that it was partnering with Sports Radar to bring live streaming on its mobile App. Tennis and Soccer were to be pioneer games. Consequently, FanDuel became the first company in the U.S betting industry to offer live video streaming services to players on its sportsbook. The last time we checked, the company now has a live streaming function on its platform, thanks to their partnership with Sports Radar, a provider of digital content in the sporting world. To access the service, and start streaming fantasy games on the platform, sign in or create a FanDuel account. We give it 4.3/5.

We also checked Draftkings to find out if it offers live streaming. Our initial findings were in the affirmative. After announcing it would start live streaming fantasy sports on its platform, Draftkings executed their plans forthwith.  The company partnered with EuroLeague Basketball to make good their intentions. The feature now offers players an opportunity to have a deeper experience with fantasy sports gaming alongside In-Play betting. We rate this feature 4.0/5.

Our verdict is that while FanDuel live stream feature became the first of its kind in the U.S.A on its betting App; Draftkings pioneered live streaming in North America. And when it comes to the scope of games both platforms stream, FanDuel wins. It is because players can access Sports Radar live video channel on FanDuel, a feature that comes alongside several betting markets. Earlier, the company successfully tested live streaming for a tennis tournament. 

Mobile Special offer 

Mobile gaming is something every fantasy sports site should have. With the two biggest players in the scene being Draftkings and FanDuel, we wanted to find out what each has to offer on this premise. We aimed to determine which platform gives players’ unmatched gaming experience on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. 

First off, we noted that both sites have a mobile App. However, a question of how they measure against each other both boiled down to vital considerations such as App design and user-friendliness. 

While players still find betting on websites easy and quick, mobile Applications are great offers lately. From bonuses, players get when they sign through applications to light speed betting experience, Draftkings App is super easy to use and very user-friendly. Our explanation is simple. Draftkings has a simplified user interface. A split-screen option on their App is not something to ignore, especially because it presents punters with a unique live viewing and In-Play betting experience.  To give users the best experience, Draftkings releases updates for their App frequently. Something even more interesting is that players can make last-minute changes on their predictions, something we did not find in FanDuel App. We, therefore, rate Draftkings App 4/5.

On the other hand, players have expressed reservations with the FanDuel mobile App.  Complaints have always ranged from disappearing playing history, poor customer service and problems with the location. But because FanDuel mobile App has a great user interface, we give it a rating of 3.8/5.

In a nutshell, Draftkings App presents players with the best experience. The interface is easy to navigate, interactively and very intuitive. 


The main reason for having a cash-out feature is that gives players a chance to withdraw their winnings or stake before the outcome of a game. Most importantly, it cushions players against losses by allowing them to withdraw part of winnings. And so, we started by asking this question: It is possible to cash out from FanDuel and Draftkings?

Well, let’s start by noting that Draftkings has a cash-out feature. However, there are conditions for using Draftkings Cash out. First, it is only applicable to selected games pre-match, parlay bets, live games, and future. You can only cash out on eligibility grounds. To use the Draftkings cash-out feature, we navigated ‘my bets’ then selected it.  From a review perspective, having cash out function is in itself a plus. We, therefore, rate Draftkings on this premise, 4.5/5.

FanDuel also has a cash-out feature. Their main reason for having the function on the fantasy betting platform is to let players withdraw part of their winnings before a bet is closed. There are conditions for using the cash-out feature on FanDuel. For example, you cannot reverse the process once starts/completes. Bets that are eligible for cash out usually have a value pegged on the slip. To use the feature, navigate to active bets section. 

We also noted that after initiating the process on FanDuel, it undergoes a review by traders who can either reject or accept it.  Successful cash out request gets settled immediately with funds reflecting in your wallet shortly afterwards. Players who want to cash out part of their winnings must do so within the state in which they placed their bets.  Now, on rating cash out feature on FanDuel, we equally give it 4.5/5. Both functions are similar. The conditions applied to cash out on all the platforms are also the same. 

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