DraftKings Live Betting Review Jul 2024

Draftkings Live Coverage Review

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What is DraftKings Live Coverage? 

The excellent fantasy sports section built up by DraftKings serves as a great platform to offer sports coverage from all popular regions in the world. There is a greater focus on North American sports, but sports that enjoy worldwide popularity are also available. Users can create fantasy lineups that can provide incredible rewards. Unlike many of the destinations that offer fantasy sports, DraftKings has daily or weekly contests. This makes it better for players who do not want to spend a whole season tracking a team and making changes. Even in the case of short-term contests, it can be difficult to keep track of the matches and players. This calls for the use of better equipment or statistical knowledge, which is provided DraftKings.

There is a huge amount of information, live coverage, and statistical data about the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, and more. A crucial element for fantasy game users is to be on top of performance and results even when it is not possible to catch live action. However, DK Live enables a user to follow every game in a comprehensive fashion even if it is only for the fantasy world. The ability to watch highlights later is a comforting aspect. A major disadvantage is that actual live stream is not available. Yet, there is a lot of content for each sport.

DraftKings provides a detailed report about an individual player’s statistical performance. This is very crucial when picking a player in a team. The process of focusing on an individual player is made easier by the presence of ‘My Players’ filter. This highlights an individual player and their performances so that better choices can be made in choosing the line-up. Moreover, a user can get access to all the best fantasy plays. There is also a leaderboard that has an ability to focus on the progress of an individual player and it can serve as a great way to identify upcoming trends.

A conventional scoreboard is also offered so that scores of each event can be analysed along with the statistical data of players. All this information will be available in one section. Since this data is offered in the form of a presentation, users are able to utilise the same. Many of the live streaming services available at regular sportsbooks would focus more on real games, but there is added attention to the fantasy games at DraftKings.

What are the Ways to Access DraftKings Live?

The use of a dedicated section for live streams is not just on the desktop version. DraftKings has a separate access for the Live section. This could have introduced confusion, but a common login is enough for accessing all three apps across Indiana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New Jersey. In order to access live content, users need to:

  • Visit the homepage or open the appropriate app
  • Sign in with the common account
  • If an account is not available, it can also be created for free within a few minutes
  • DraftKings only comes up with requests of some basic details to open an account
  • Enjoy high-quality content that is spread over different segments like expert insights, betting recommendations, and more
  • There are a whole host of additional content to keep users posted about every aspect of a player or team

DraftKings Live Section’s Mobile Access

There is a prevalence of placing the live stream section inside the sportsbook. On the desktop site, DraftKings has the same approach when it comes to the live section but things are different in terms of mobile access. A dedicated app is available from DraftKings so that players can download and access the live section away from the regular sportsbook and fantasy sports app. The additional entry for mobile devices can be a good convenience feature. Even though sportsbooks decide to use live betting and live streaming in company with each other, there is no such requirement on this platform since the live section primarily caters to the fantasy sports users.

The data provided by the live section can be transferred into fantasy sports with ease. It is possible to set up notifications so that users do not miss out on any action. Initially, there were a lot of bugs in the DraftKings Live app but most of these have been and out.

Apart from an app, users can also use the mobile site. A responsive design is employed to push content to users. The experience offered by this mobile site is slightly inferior compared to the experience available on the app. This might be largely down to the smoothness of the app user interface. In addition, though, live games can be modified in such a way that it is easy to track games through several views. They are:

  • Complete action
  • Focus only on the key events
  • Focusing only on touchdowns
  • Focus on Redzone plays

All these options are crucial in terms of extracting the maximum potential from the betting options at DraftKings.

Sports Coverage of DraftKings

There are more than 15 sports covered on this platform. Even though many of the choices are domestic sports, a lot of attention is also placed on international sports. Especially sports like soccer get to enjoy a vast array of markets in every event. DraftKings has also made sizeable improvements when it comes to live betting. Today, it is one of the market leaders with a load of prop bets and in play bets. Even though live streaming service is unavailable, there is a decent amount of statistics thrown into the user so that they can make better choices.

Some of the different options available are round robin bets, prop bets, in-game bets, money lines, spread bets, and more. Over the years, DraftKings has made consistent improvements to the markets that it offers on every sport. Unsurprisingly, popular events like the English Premier League and most of the American sports tend to receive a large number of markets. It is surprising that even lower leagues of European soccer tend to receive a decent number of markets for every event.

Recently, DraftKings came up with a feature called Flash Bet, which allows a bettor to place wagers on small sections within a game. Rather than bet on events that last through the entire game, this type of a wager typically lasts only a few seconds or minutes. It is accompanied by an embedded interface that shows information about the game. If this feature was to be combined with an actual live stream, it would enable bettors to take much better decisions and profit more. For the time being, however, the embedded graphics will have to do.

Promotions at DraftKings 

Draftkings Review Signup Bonus Usbettingcodes

Draftkings Live Coverage Signup Bonus Usbettingcodes

There are a decent number of bonuses and promotional offers from DraftKings. However, there are several restrictions that every player should be aware of before signing up. The terms and conditions should be clearly understood by a player. Even when there are a lot of conditions imposed on a player, there are promotional offers that can be quite a major incentive. For example, players would get a free entry, which is worth $3, into a contest if they come up with a $5 deposit. This entry is available only on contests with the $3 entry value. Players cannot choose to redeem this free ticket for cash, as it can only be used this purpose.

Yet, the star of the show would undoubtedly be the welcome bonus offer that can pay up to $1000 – in the form of a deposit match and free bet. Check out teh Usbettingcodes promo code to find out more. Any player will qualify for this bonus offer provided they deposit at least $5 into the account. This will be utilised to judge the kind of bonus a player would receive, as it would be matched at 20%. Hence, a $50 deposit would provide a player with $10 in bonuses, which would be offered in the form of site credits. A player has to wager a $25 in order to make just $1 eligible for withdrawal.

Meanwhile, a free bet is also provided at the same value of the player’s first bet. An upper limit of $1,000 is applicable in this section of the welcome offer. Hence, a $10 initial bet from the player will hand them a $10 free bet. Crucially, this free bet has to be exhausted within 30 days or it would expire.


It is quite a different experience when it comes to the live streaming service of DraftKings. Many of the regular sportsbooks are focused on providing actual live streams, but the service at DraftKings is all about enhancing the knowledge of fantasy sports users. Hence, users expecting a regular stream may be left disappointed. The actual number of streams is also substantially smaller with focus only on a handful of sports. Yet, fantasy sports users will appreciate the service since it provides valuable information about each player. A regular live stream service focuses on the game whereas DraftKings’ service focuses on individuals. This helps in identifying better value. Even though substantial improvements can be made to this section, it is excellent at what it offers.


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