Winstar online gaming promo code: Get a 400% welcome bonus

Get exclusive prizes and bonuses with the Winstar Online Gaming promo code. We will explain everything you need to know about it and what the operator offers in our article below.

Winstar online gaming promo code

Winstar Online Gaming Promo Code Offers

Winstar blows our minds with the exclusive and attractive rewards for both new and existing customers. We will display all the available ones below so that you can check them out yourself.

Navigating to the Available Promotions from Our Article

Despite the bonuses being easy-to-locate, some new customers have trouble navigating the search engines and finding the right link to get them to the Winstar Online Gaming promo code offer details. We have decided to make things easier for you. Besides seeing which bonuses are available on the platform displayed in our table above, we included links to the related promotions next to the codes. When you click on the button, the Winstar online promo code page will automatically open on your screen, where you can see all the relevant details regarding the 400% welcome bonus. The rest of the article will describe how you can receive the bonus connected to the Winstar Casino promo code.

Creating a Player Account on the Winstar Online Gaming Platform

Creating an account on the platform is the next logical step for you to take. The process is straightforward, and anyone would complete it as long as they are located in the correct state, and they have to be at least 21 years old. We have described all the steps you need to take below:

  1. Click on the button in the table to get to the Winstar casino promo code page and click on the “sign-up” button on the top of the page.
  2. A sign-up form will appear in front of you, where you can either continue with Facebook or create an account.
  3. We recommend that you choose to create an account.
  4. You need to enter the required details in the registration form, such as username, e-mail, password, etc.
  5. Enter the promo code related to the welcome bonus by clicking the link below “Do you have a promo code?”
  6. Check and see if the code is valid; if not, you can verify if you typed it correctly or contact customer support to get an active promo code.
  7. Accept the platform’s terms and conditions and confirm that you are above 18 years old and not a resident of Washington state.
  8. Enter your personal and contact information, like full name, address, phone number, etc.
  9. Choose your notification settings, finish the registration, and confirm your e-mail address.

We recommend that you personalize your account after registering, so you would get the additional virtual chips to offer 5,000 for free. Besides this fantastic bonus, once you complete the personalization, your first and last name initial will appear on the Leaderboards and Tournaments page.

Deposit Funds into Your Account to Start Playing and Get the Welcome Bonus

Winstar gaming welcome bonus

The next step of our Winstar Online Gaming journey is to make your first deposit. You don’t need to verify your payment method because this isn’t a real-money gambling site, so you can deposit with any method you like at any time if you would like to buy virtual chips. Since this is a Social Casino, you aren’t required to deposit to play the games, and thus we couldn’t find any withdrawal options. Still, you can purchase additional virtual currency via the available payment methods. Below, we will describe what steps you need to take to make your first deposit to the Winstar platform.

  1. Open the Winstar Online Gaming site and log-in with your newly created account.
  2. Navigate to the Cashier menu and click on the “Deposit” link.
  3. Choose a payment method from the list in front of you.
  4. Enter the payment method details in the form.
  5. Enter a deposit amount in the related field.
  6. Complete the transaction by clicking on the final button.

Remember that some payment methods might redirect you to the institution’s website, where you will need to log in with the account connected to your payment method and approve the transaction. At the time of writing, these were the available banking options on the Winstar Online Gaming platform:

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Keep in mind that Winstar Online Gaming will add the welcome offer bonus of 400% to your account once you finalize your first purchase on the platform. To get the bonus, you won’t have to complete any other conditions. Sometimes the promo code related to the offer is entered during your first deposit on the platform instead of the registration form. Other times, like this one, no promo code is required to get the 400% bonus because you will receive it automatically upon purchasing. Keep in mind that if other promotions with deposit bonuses occur, you might have to watch out which payment method you are using to be eligible for the promotion. In the case of this bonus specifically, you can use any payment option you like; it won’t affect your bonus eligibility. We will give you an example of how much you might receive. Let’s say you make a deposit of $10 and purchase that chip bundle. This means that as a bonus to the initial $10 you deposited, you will receive an additional $40 worth of chips from playing with on Winstar Online Gaming.

How Will I Receive My Bonus and How Will I Know About It?

After you meet the conditions, you will receive your bonus automatically. You don’t have to be online to accept the bonus chips. They will be credited to your account balance. If you turned on your notifications, then you will receive an e-mail telling you that you received bonus chips and what they are from. You can change your notification settings at any time, so if you haven’t done that, now is the time to do it. You can see all the available bonuses for new and current players on the promos page and which bonuses you opted-in for and which not.

What are the Specific Terms and Conditions Related to the Welcome Offer and How to Meet them?

Winstar Social casino

Since Winstar Online Gaming is a Social Casino, and they don’t allow real-money gambling, the conditions accompanying the 400% welcome bonus aren’t that complicated. There are no wagering requirements, and since you won’t be able to withdraw anything, you don’t need them. You can spend your bonus chips on any of the available games. Winstar has an abundance of games you can spend your bonus on. You can choose to play the eGames where you can choose from over a hundred and fifty games separated if four categories. The eTables games are six tables with different games to play, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Hi-Lo, etc. There are seven games in the Keno/Bingo category you can enjoy and twelve Video Poker titles that will blow your mind.

What to Do After Completing the Welcome Bonus?

After you use up your welcome bonus, there are plenty of other things for you to try out. Another promotion that caught our eyes was the Refer A Friend promo. The offer doesn’t require a specific promo code. Once you enter your friend’s e-mail address, they will have to open the link inside the e-mail and register on the platform. Once they do that, both you and your friend will receive ten thousand chips for free.

Another promo you could try out is the Daily Bonus, which, if build-up correctly, can reward you with up to 2,800 free chips every day. The build-up happens as you log-in to your account every day, and you can’t miss a day either because you will lose the bonus you build-up already. After the initial twenty-four days have passed and you got your 2,800 chips, each consecutive day you log in after that without missing any day will reward you with 2,800 free chips. If you end up missing a day for any reason, you will go back to day one, and your calendar will reset.

You can also earn real-life rewards from playing on the online Winstar Online Gaming platform. First, you have to link your Club Passport card to your account, and after that, you will receive rewards for any package higher than $29.99. You can redeem those rewards at WinStar World Casino and Resort. Once you find the promo on the promotions page, you can see a table of all the available rewards and how many points you have. You can also click on the “Redeem” button and receive instructions on how to get your real-life rewards.

The newest feature on the site is the Free Spins available in the Loyalty Lounge. To enter the loyalty lounge, you have to link your Club Passport card and have a balance greater than fifty thousand chips in your account. This promotion features a promo code, so look for it in the T&Cs of the bonus, and you could get up to 25 free spins every day. The spins are only available for the following games in the loyalty lounge:

  • Wild-o-Tron 3000
  • Strolling Staxx
  • Twin Spin
  • Grand Spinn

FAQs Regarding the Winstar Online Gaming Welcome Bonus

Can I withdraw funds from my Winstar Online Gaming account?

No, you can’t. Winstar is a social casino, which means that no real-money gambling is allowed. While you can purchase additional virtual currency on the casino, you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings.

How can I contact the staff of Winstar Casino?

You can get in touch with the customer support staff at any time via e-mail and live chat.

Is the registration on Winstar Online Gaming free?

Yes, it is. You are even welcomed with free virtual credits you can play the games with. Every twenty-four hours, you will receive your free chips, but if you don’t feel like waiting, you can purchase a chip bundle.

What chip bundles are available for purchase?

The chip bundles’ prices range from $9.99 to $999.99, and you can receive from nineteen thousand chips to seven million chips. In addition to the chips, you also receive Online Gaming Rewards Points. The most popular bundle is buying 125,000 chips for $49.99 and getting two Online Gaming Rewards Points.

If I have a Winstar Club Passport Card, can I link it to my online account?

Yes, you can. The process is simple, and you can do it via the “Link Your Account” option in your Winstar account. You can do that during registration or anytime you are logged in to your account.

Is Winstar Online Gaming available on mobile?

Yes, it is. You can download their mobile app for free via Google Play for Androids and Apple’s App Store for iOS devices.

What are the benefits of the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard shows the players with the highest winnings on the eTables and eGames. Top players from all leaderboards receive extra chips depending on their current rank and how long they sustain it. There are leaderboards for each day, week, and month.

What browsers are supported by Winstar?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are always great choices, no matter what device you are using. If your OS is Windows, you can also play via Microsoft Edge, and if you are using MAC, then Safari (versions 5.x; 6.x; 7.x) is the best option. Make sure that whatever browser or OS you are using to download and install the latest versions of any browser to play.

What are XP Points?

XP points are also called “experience points,” and you can win them from the eGames on the site. With them, you move up XP levels and earn virtual chip rewards, which get progressively higher the more levels you climb.

What types of games are available on the Winstar Online Gaming platform?

Winstar introduces new games every month, but there are eGames and eTables, Video Poker, and Keno in general. There are also tournaments with prize pools you can enter.