Sherwood Valley Casino (Black Bart Casino) Online Promo Code

Situated in Willits, Sherwood Valley Casino is among the smallest casinos in California. Get the latest offers with the Sherwood Valley Casino Promo Code for .

How to register with the Sherwood Valley Promo Code

Under the California gambling laws, online gambling is not illegal but at the same time, it has not been defined under the state’s constitution. This makes it a grey state and this is the reason many other online casinos operating in the US are gaining access to California. Sherwood Valley Casino currently has no online casino but this may change with time since many land-based casinos are going live to access more people.

This promo code is pure speculation of what Sherwood Valley online casino would look like if it was launched. Drawing information from what is already available at the casino in Willits, the online casinos accepting California residents real-money wagers, and the gambling laws in place, here is the sign-up process you can expect as a new player;

  1. Click the button above for exclusive access of Sherwood Valley online casino
  2. Click on the options; Create Account, Join, Register or Sign-up
  3. The following are the crucial details needed in most online casinos;
  • Salutations, Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Gender
  • Country, State, City, and Town
  • Address, Postcode, SSN, ZIP Code
  • Username, Password, and Security Question
  1. Many casinos will offer a bonus code/promo code option and this field will require you to fill in the valid Sherwood Valley casino online promo code/Sherwood Valley casino online bonus code. This activates eligible California offers.
  2. Complete the registration process

What will be the welcome bonus at Sherwood Valley online casino?

It’s difficult to speculate the exact bonus amount a new player who joins the casino will receive. However, going by what is available on the online casinos, we expect that a deposit bonus will be offered as the Sherwood Valley online casino welcome bonus. After making either the first deposit or other subsequent deposits, a player will be awarded cash bonuses and as seen in many casinos, we expect that free spins to play on the online slots will also be provided. The common line is that the bonuses will be huge and we hope that the T&Cs they will offer will be favorable to all the players.

Associated Sherwood Valley Casino FAQ (Land-based and Online)

  • What is the minimum legal age of gambling in California?

Any player who is interested in wagering on either of the casinos (land-based and online) must be at least 21-years-old.

  • Is Sherwood Valley Casino licensed?

Yes. The casino has been authorized to operate in California by the state. The California Gaming Control Commission has licensed and regulated Sherwood Valley Casino.

  • Do you offer sports betting?

Sports betting is not yet legalized in the state but we are hopeful that this will change by the end of the year. For this reason, no sportsbook is available

  • Is there an online casino in place?

No. Sherwood Valley Casino does not have an online casino as yet. However, fingers are crossed that this will change sooner or later

  • Do you offer other services?

Yes. Sherwood Valley Casino also offers a restaurant where players and guests can walk in and dine.

Sherwood Valley Casino Review (Land-based and Online)

The games selection at Sherwood Valley Casino

Sherwood Valley Casino doesn’t boast of a huge casino floor and this shows you that limited gaming selections are available. At 6,000 sq. ft. of the casino floor, only 222+ slot and video poker machines have been offered to the players. The major downside of Sherwood Valley Casino is that no table games have been provided. This section will need massive improvements once an online casino is launched. Players will want a variety of titles and different categories to improve the betting avenues. We expect that a Poker platform will be provided with several tournaments to participate in and other categories such as; Table & Card Games and Live Casino will also be available.

The range of promotions available at Sherwood Valley Casino

Promotions & offers play a role in attracting and retaining the patrons in a casino. As it stands, Sherwood offers limited promotions but the stand out one is the players club which is tailored to reward consistency and loyalty. Every wager you make on the games provided, you will be awarded points. The points can then be redeemed for benefits on the platform. This is the loyalty program that we also expect once the online casino comes into existence. We also expect other bonuses including cash backs, free plays, reload bonuses, free spins, and so on.

Other services available at Sherwood Valley Casino (Land-based)

Remember, Sherwood Valley Casino is not the biggest in the state. This has also limited other services that are not gambling-related to be provided. An RV parking has been provided, Willits hotels, and one restaurant where one can grab snacks, sandwiches, burgers, hot & cold drinks, salads, popcorn shrimps, strips, and so on. No accommodation services are available just yet.

Payment selections available at Sherwood Valley Casino

You will notice that while on the casino floor, the common modes of payment allowed are; cash and credit/debit card. This is going to change with additional modes expected once the casino goes live. We expect modes such as;

  • American Express
  • Visa/MasterCard/Maestro
  • Discover
  • ACH/e-Check
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Cash at the cage
  • Sherwood Card

Several online casinos offer a bonus code/promo code option while depositing to activate offers. Keep an eye on this and provide a valid one to receive bonuses!

Alternatives to Sherwood Valley Casino (Land-based)

California is home to several land-based casinos including Sherwood Valley Casinos. The casinos provide an alternative route to players who may not be satisfied with Sherwood Valley Casino. They include;

  • Desert Rose Casino

Desert Rose Casino is another small casino in California with few highlights to point out. The gaming operations are not available 24/7 and the gaming selections are limited.

  • Elk Valley Casino

A notable casino in California with the major highlight being that Poker games and table games are provided. However, only 3 tables are available

  • Garcia River Casino

Another popular casino in California. With Garcia River Casino, players are thrilled with the number of games provided. On the downside part, the gaming floor is limited.