BetMGM Sportsbook Super Bowl Special Offers – Review 2024

The big game is drawing closer and the two best teams drawn from NFC and AFC will go at each other in one of the most sold-out American football tournaments.  The question everyone is asking right now is who will carry the day? To be here, Kansas City Chiefs made some smart moves throughout the season but will they edge out San Francisco 49ers?

The big stories that will underline this season’s Super Bowl are many. However, the team that will lift Vince Lombardi trophy will write a new story on the hearts of Super Bowl lovers. It must not only have the best quarterback but also stage a devastating offensive against the opponent. We are also looking out how things will play out between a coach, who for the first time, is making it to the big tournament against the first-time son of NFL legend enjoying huge success at the helm of coaching. Shortly, we will be looking at predictions for this big game, not to mention how each team made it this far. 

BetMGM Sportsbook Super Bowl Special Offers

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BETMGM Specific super Bowl offers

Before we dive deeper into reviewing the big game on 2nd February, you would probably want to find out what your favorite sportsbook has to offer. This year’s Super Bowl will be the largest ever and at BetMGM, punters have a chance to wager on the best odds.  According to Jason Scott, who is BetMGM vice president of trading, this year’s event will be one of the biggest occasions, offering players a betting bonanza never seen before in the history of the sports. 

It is expected that the Sunday 2nd February game between Chiefs and 49ers will see Americans wager billions on their favorite teams, players and spreads.  BetMGM already has worked its way around NFL season data to bring bettors tentative offers covering overs/unders (totals), point spreads, money lines, props and more. 

When we checked what BetMGM offers for the super bowl, we noted there are several of them. Bettors can wager on several markets. The VP of trade Jason Scott said that this year BetMGM will offer extra 300 betting options for this year’s super bowl.  Punters can choose from the main money line, totals, point bets, spreads/handicap, final/last things to happen in halves, special offers and more. 

BetMGM special offers for the super bowl are particularly a catch area. For example, bettors will be able to wager on which to team to call the first time out, the first team to use the coach’s challenge, whether they will be safe in the game and many more. Other offers on which punters can wager at BetMGM are the number of field games both teams will score. 

New Customer welcome bonus offers

Bettors looking to earn big money playing the super bowl on BetMGM should also get ready for their bookmarker’s welcome bonus. We noted that first-time customers who sign up with the platform before super bowl kick-off have a real chance of winning more with their exciting bonus offer stated as follows:

  • New Customer super bowl offer: Get up to $500 in risk-free bet. This offer is only valid to new customers who sign up at BetMGM, deposit a minimum of $10 in their account then download the bookmarker’s App. Your account gets credited with the $500 after settling a winning/losing bet. 

BetMGM Super bowl prediction and odds

Predictions for the super bowl are everywhere on the web. But the big question is, apart from who will win the most anticipated tournament in America’s sporting calendar, does BetMGM offers the best odds? 

Well, we did some analysis of the games based on how the two teams have progressed thus far. To start with, here is a sneak preview of super bowl odds at BetMGM:

Money LineHandicap/spreadWinning Margin (1-6)Team to score the first touchdown Race to 10 points
49ers2.19+1.5 1.914.251.851.95
Chiefs1.80-1.5 1.914.101.831.91


Kansas Chiefs chances of winning/losing

If you are to pick Kansas chiefs as the winning bet at 1.80 on BetMGM, it is probably because of Mahomes, the team’s highly-rated quarterback. Mahomes has never lost an NFL match by more than 7 point margin. His ability to play through pressure and the fact that he has hardly let the Chiefs down will play significance in this game, especially regarding the first touchdown score at odds 1.83. Do not forget that the chiefs are coming into this game having won 8 times in a stream. 

However, given how often Chiefs often struggle at the red zone despite having the best talents in the offensive, their chances of winning the super bowl may be determined by few times they have scored against the opponents every time they are within 20 yards in the box of opponents. Chiefs’ inability to complete drives against opponents with tight defenses may come haunting them once again when the super bowl kicks off on Sunday 2nd February .

49ers winning/losing chances

49ers are known to struggle against teams that have the best quarterbacks and that is what they face in the player of Mahomes stature. To increase their chances of winning at 2.19 odds on BetMGM, they must find a way of disrupting Mahomes’ mobility. Thus, 49ers’ first assignment is to close down on Mahomes. To do that, they must stick to their season’s tact of controlling the line of scrimmage. It would not only limit’s Mahomes’ chances of running riot into their 20-yard box but also open up the game so that they can score the first touchdown at odds 1.85. You should remember that 49ers have one of the most solid defenses that can grind down even the best quarterbacks, something that they can depend on when faced with the tricky maneuvers of Mahomes.

Final Verdict  

Kansas City Chiefs are coming into the Super Bowl LIV as the bookie’s favorites. Despite San Francisco 49ers Raheem Mostert setting the second-best run of 220 yards in the history of NFL when they played the Parkers, and even inspiring his team to 37-20 victory, his record touchdown scores (4), Chiefs is not a team they can easily break down. This year’s super bowl will be like no other you have watched before. From the coaches; one who’s had a lucky season and another, an NFL veteran to exciting players, bettors may well look forward to celebrating 100 years of NFL in style with the best odds at BetMGM. 

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