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Below you will find some more information about the various promotions that are available here and about many other interesting and useful things as well. So, with no further ado – let’s get to it.

How to register on the site

Chances are that you have visited this website if you were ever interested in the field of sports betting. But some of you may have gotten disappointed in the fact that you didn’t know how to register. Not to worry, below you will find a step by step guide as to how you can register an account here.

  1. Visit the website at williamhill.us
  2. Click the “join now” button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Enter all the information that’s required in the empty fields: name, surname, email, password, etc.
  4. Select billing details if you prefer to do this now and write any promo codes if you have them.

And this about sums the entire process of creating a William Hill account on the website. You’re now prepared to do some betting. As you can see, this is not a very difficult thing to do.


When it comes to the leading names in the field of online sports betting – such as William Hill – it goes without saying that there ought to be a lot of bonuses that you can count on. And the bonuses are one of the most important reasons as to why many people prefer online sports betting as compared to betting at brick and mortar bookies. That being said, you can find several different bonuses at William Hill.

  • The first bonus that you can get is a 15% bonus on your winnings, up to 100 pounds or currency equivalent – this bonus goes for horseracing events.
  • If you can select 7 winners at the horseraces, then you will receive 100,000 pounds. However, even if there isn’t a person that has managed to hit 7 winners, the top contender will still receive 1,000 pounds.
  • If you’re a new customer, then you may take advantage of the welcome bonus offer. In order to get it, the first condition is that you must make the first And this deposit can’t be lower than 10 pounds. If you do this, then you will be granted 30 pounds that you can use for betting, for free.
  • One of the best things about William Hill is that there is a promotion that can get you the best odds at various sports markets. This means that each day there will be a particular sports market where the odds will be enhanced for the day. You can make use of this offer by winning more money than you would have usually won with the normal odds.

And there are a few other bonuses that you can get at William Hill – we suggest that you do frequent checks on the promotions tab. Only then will you be able to keep in line with the newest and biggest promotions that become sporadically available at William Hill.

Bonus Terms

But you must be aware that you can never take the promotions at various bookies, William Hill included, at face value. You may end up seeing a “7000% BONUS ON YOUR DEPOSITS” offer and think that you will be getting exactly that. But you have to be aware that there are usually terms and conditions under which you can use the bonuses at these bookies.

That being said, there are also terms and conditions for the bonuses at William Hill. So, for the 30 pounds free bet, you will need to do a few things. The first thing is that you will not only need to place a deposit, but you will also have to wager it. You will have to wager at least 10 pounds in order to get the bonus reward. However, you will need to wager them on odds of at least ½ or more. Only then will you get the 30 pounds. And you won’t get them in a single batch either – you’ll get three separate bonuses of 10 pounds each. You must use these bonuses within 30 days or less upon being awarded with them – and you can’t use Paypal for making payments either.

As the website states, for the 15% bonus on your winnings bonus – it’s available on single bets placed on all live ITV & selected UK flat turf races (excluding Irish & all-weather races) with 6 or more runners. The horse that you will bet on must win by no less than two lengths – and maximum bonus that you can get in this way is 100 pounds. You can hope to get this bonus only on pre-selected races.

For the “lucky 7” horseracing bonus, you must be residing in only a select few countries – the UK included. If you’re an employee at William Hill or if you’re family of a William Hill employee – then you can’t get this bonus. The maximum you can hope to get is 1,000 pounds with this bonus. Finally, one person can have only one entry in the game. If you have more than one entries and you try to cheat the system – then William Hill will disqualify all of your entries and it will make them void.

If you wish to learn more of the bonus terms and conditions for various bonuses, then we suggest that you visit the website and check them out. You will easily be able to find the full terms and conditions – it takes some effort to read the document out but it will definitely be of help in the end.


Is William Hill a legal bookie?

Even the average person in the streets can answer this question – even if they have never placed a bet on sports. The fact of the matter is that William Hill is one of the biggest names in the field of sports betting. This makes it very likely (and true) that it’s fully legal. It’s registered in the United Kingdom and it’s legalized in many different countries around the world. You shouldn’t have any worries about William Hill not being a legitimate bookie.

Will there be any new bonuses in the near future?

We don’t have insider information, sadly, about the state of the bonuses at William Hill. However, we have witnessed the coming and going of bonus offers in the past. So, it’s highly likely that there will be new and exciting bonus offers and promotions for new and existing players alike. Again, we recommend that you visit the promotions tab on the website in order to see whether there are any new bonus offers and if you’re eligible to use them.

Is William Hill reliable?

We commend you for being so worried about getting scammed and for the fact that you’re asking these questions. There are many bookies that, even though are legalized, work in shady ways. Well, you shouldn’t worry at all about William Hill as this is one of the most legit bookies in the field. There are virtually no reports of people losing their money at William Hill. So, you shouldn’t worry about this either.

Can I use promo codes for William Hill bonuses once I’m registered?

Well, the fact of the matter is that there are certain bonuses that only become available if you use promotional codes. You can find these at various places on the internet. If you find one such code, then don’t hesitate to use it upon registering your account. You may get exciting bonus offers in this way.

Promotions for existing players

Of all the bonuses that we have mentioned above, only the welcome deposit/wager bonus of 30 GBP is available only to the new players. The lucky 7 bonus games and the enhanced odds and the 15% horseracing wins bonus are all available to existing players. And there is one additional bonus that you can get as an existing player.

You can get a William Hill Reward Card. The card will help you get points. And you get these points by betting on sports events at William Hill. The more wagers you place – the more points you will get. You can use these points later on for making additional bets on sports events – for free.

Quality of Platform

Ergonomy of the website

In any case, if you’re an online sports bettor, then you will want to have access to an ergonomic website. The study of ergonomics means that you will be able to immediately find your way around the website’s interface. In this case, William Hill gets the highest grade. Everything is easy on the eyes and easily accessible. Even if you have never used the internet before – we’re confident that you will still manage to find your way and begin placing your bets in a matter of minutes.


As a sports bookie – you will be able to get access to many different sports and markets on William Hill. Some of these sports and markets are football, horseracing, tennis, greyhounds, cricket, and even virtual sports. There are even more subsets of these main sports – with different rule variations.

Moreover, there are hundreds of events within all subgroups at practically any given point in time. You will easily be able to find events that you can bet on – events from all around the world. So, William Hill has one of the most comprehensive sports markets that you can place bets on in the entire field of online sports betting.

Customer service

It’s very easy to contact customer service if you have literally anything to ask about the bookie. In another paragraph below, you will find some more information about how you can contact the tech team. For now, it’s important to know that the tech team at William Hill is highly qualified to help you if you have any issues or questions whatsoever with the website.

Banking options


For making deposits, you can use credit or debit cards, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, or bank transfer. The minimum deposit that you must make ranges from 5 pounds to 25 pounds depending on the method that you will use. And the limits of your deposit range from 5,500 pounds with Paypal, to 100,000 pounds through bank transfer. There are no transaction fees that you will need to pay in all cases. In all cases, except for bank transfer, the deposits are instant. In the case of bank transfer, you will need to wait 3-5 working days.


You can use the same deposit methods for making withdrawals as well. In all cases, the minimum you can withdraw is 5 pounds, except for bank transfer where the limit is 25 pounds. The maximum withdrawal again ranges from 5,500 pounds with Paypal to 100,000 pounds with a bank transfer. And you may need to wait up to 10 working days in order for the funds to become available to you.

Customer Support

There are a few different ways in which you can contact the William Hill technical support team. The most widely used ways are by phone or by email. If you have an immediate question that you want to be answered ASAP, then you can always give William Hill a call. But the mail is also a viable method for getting the answers you need.

You will get prompt answers that, in most cases, will help you solve all the issues that you may have with the website and bookie.

Mobile Experience

Specific USA App

The William Hill sports betting mobile app is only available for Android at the moment. It’s very easy to download and install it from the official website. Then you will get access to some of the best sports events that you can bet on right on your cellphone. There are also special promotions that you can get access to solely by using the mobile application.

Mobile site

The mobile site works out just fine if you can’t download and install the application. Things may seem a bit clunkier at first, but you’ll get used to it. The application isn’t prerequired for mobile sports betting – you can place bets on the mobile website. It’s neatly designed and the experience that we have had on it was smooth.

William Hill US Review

One of the newest forms of sports betting is online sports betting. This means that now you’re able to start betting online. There are many different websites and bookies that offer these kinds of services. Chances are that you have come in contact with some of them from time to time. That being said, some online sports bookies are better than the others. This means that there is a variability when it comes to the quality of different platforms for online sports betting. Today you will learn more about one of these bookies. The name of this sports betting company is William Hill. Chances are that you have already heard about this bookie.

The William Hill sports betting bookie is one of the greatest sports bookies in the world for a reason. Several reasons, in fact. There is a wide variety of sports markets and the odds are highly competitive. There is a mobile app that you can download and install and use for sports betting on the go. And the website is designed in a highly ergonomic way. We give this website our seal of recommendation.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator

Aside from being one of the leading names in the field of online sports betting – there are also many useful bonuses that you can get there. Be sure to check the website for more information on the bonus offers.

  1. Paddy Power. If you wish to get 40 pounds for a 10 pounds wager, then you need to visit and bet at Paddy Power. You need to place the wager on ½ odds or better in order to get access to the bonus.
  2. Unibet is the place where you can get up to 50 pounds as bonuses, depending on the size of your initial deposit. Be sure to use this bonus while you still can.

Validity Period of the William Hill US Promo Code: 2019