William Hill NJ Live Streaming Review 2021

Live streaming sporting events through betting sites has become one of the expected features these days, and if a site doesn’t have it this can be a real deal breaker! We took a look at the William Hill live streaming options through this detailed and comprehensive review of the USA platform.

William Hill Live Streaming

William Hill Live Streaming

William Hill NJ Live Streaming Review: Sports Available To Stream 

Before we even begin this review, we are pleased to announce that William Hill does support a wide range of live streaming options. And while it’s a great feature to have, there are varying degrees of coverage as well as quality for live streaming. We will examine this in greater detail, but first – let’s identify the sports that you can watch with William Hill!

  • Soccer

As one of the most followed and popular sports worldwide, it’s really appealing that you can live stream soccer with William Hill. Through the soccer stream you can watch top-tier European soccer leagues including the Premier League, Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy) and the German Bundesliga. They don’t cover absolutely every game in these leagues, but they certainly cover enough to keep soccer lovers happy!

  • Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is one of the oldest forms of betting, quite literally extending back hundreds of years in tradition! But in the 21st Century, having the chance to live stream horse races while betting on them is all the more pleasurable. William Hill covers races from all over the globe including major events like The Melbourne Cup, The Belmont Stakes and The Kentucky Derby. 

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  • Tennis

Tennis is arguably one of the most followed sports in the world, and with idols like Rafael Nadal as well as Roger Federer currently gracing this sport – it’s clear to see why! William Hill covers all four Grand Slams each year (Wimbledon, French Open, US Open and Australian Open). But they also cover ATP and WTA 1000 events including tournaments like Indian Wells, Montreal, Monte Carlo and Rome.

  • Basketball

Basketball is one of the most exciting and most prestigious sports in North America, and indeed the world. So with that in mind, it’s great to know that you can stream a huge number of NBA games every single season. Whether you want to watch the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets, there will typically be a large number of their games covered.

This is just a shortlist of the major sports that you can stream with William Hill, but there are other sports available too. Some of the other events you can watch include Cricket, Rugby, NHL, Darts, Volleyball, Handball and Greyhound Racing. All of these streams are completely free to access, but there are certain conditions to meet to use them.

Live Stream Requirements 

Like most online sportsbooks, the live stream capabilities are there free of charge for members. But while you can watch an unlimited number of events for free, the technicality of ‘free’ is somewhat questionable. There are three main requirements that you must meet to use the live streaming features.

  • Have an open account

Yes the streams are free, but you do need to have an open account with William Hill. If you don’t already have one, this is easy to do. Simply visit the William Hill site and hit the sign up button to open an account. Once this has been done you can see the full list of streaming events on a daily basis, but you aren’t finished there!

  • Have a funded William Hill account

There is a stipulated minimum deposit with William Hill of $10, so this is the minimum that you need to fund your account with to access live streaming. Once you actually have money in your account you will be able to access the live streams, and you don’t even need to wager this money to continue your access. In theory, you could just leave this money in your account indefinitely to continue the live stream enjoyment.

  • Have made a bet within the last 24 hours

If you feel compelled to wager the money in your account, which is entirely up to you, you can continue to watch the events. As long as you’ve actually placed a wager within the last 24 hours the live streams will continue to be available. This is true even if your account hits zero! But note that if your account hits zero and the 24-hour period passes, you will need to fund your account again to unlock live streaming.

So providing you have met any of these three requirements, you will have access to the full scope of William Hill’s live streaming events. And now that you know what you can stream as well as how to stream it, there are just a few more important features left to analyze!

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 William Hill NJ Live Streaming Review: Additional Features 

Live Stream Quality

Evidently the coverage of sporting events with William Hill is great, but the quality of a live stream service is a completely different story. We’ve seen websites that cover a huge number of games, but the stream is constantly interrupted or shows poor quality. So, how does William Hill fair for this category?

Well first and foremost, we should report that the William Hill live streams aren’t technically ‘live’. This is perfectly normal for live streaming with any bookmakers, and the stream is usually around 2 to 5 seconds behind the actual live event. So with this in mind, we highly recommend that you close any live scoring services that you may have open when watching the event. This will prevent you from knowing what actually happens before seeing it happen!

But when streaming any games on the site, you will see HD coverage with hardly any lag or delays. Do note that you need to have a high-speed Internet connection to ensure that the coverage remains crisp and clear! There is another convenient feature of the William Hill live stream too – since you can choose to watch on full screen or on a minimized screen. The great thing about watching the minimized screen is that you can see the live betting markets while watching the game take place.

The last thing concerning the quality is that the games being streamed are perfectly legal, which is another reason that the games are so clear. If you’ve ever tried to watch games that you probably shouldn’t be before, you will know that the stream constantly freezes and is rarely ever close to live. William Hill has full rights for the games that they cover, which means that you can watch the streams without any worries!

Live Streaming on Mobile App 

 Long gone are the days of watching live streams from home and from a secure Wi-Fi connection! William Hill has incorporated live streaming services into their sports betting app to add to the excitement of this feature. This means that you can watch your favorite sports games on the way to work, in the park, at the beach – whatever you please.

And in our experience, we didn’t find any discrepancies in the quality of the stream, unless the Internet connection wasn’t up to scratch. We found problems with the stream if our connection dropped below 4G, which can be frustrating at times, but this is just the nature of the beast. As long as the Internet connection was 4G or above the stream was basically flawless, regardless of the sport. 

There was one frustrating difference however, if you wanted to place live bets while watching the stream from a mobile device. Of course you need to keep the stream minimized to see the live betting markets, but then you can only see a limited number of markets. From the desktop site you can see plenty of markets if the streaming window is smaller, but on the mobile app this isn’t the case.

Conclusion: A High-Quality Live Streaming Service 

William Hill has managed to create a highly enjoyable live streaming feature into both mobile and desktop play. We feel that the range of sports covered is a credit to the effort that has clearly gone into this development, and the quality of streams is some of the best that we have seen.

If we were going to be slightly critical of the live streaming feature with William Hill, we would say that they could remove features such as commentary and radio coverage. The way things are progressing in sports betting, nobody really listens to radio coverage or constantly watches running commentary anymore – and by removing these features maybe they could channel more funds into increasing the number of sports covered?

This is just our general intuition, but William Hill is clearly one of the market leaders for their general range of live streaming events. They are right up there with the likes of Unibet, DraftKings, Bet365 and Caesars! And with so many other bookmakers entering the USA market, we are sure that this competition will propel William Hill to continue improving their features – especially live streaming!

Who knows, maybe with the continued change in legislation in the USA they will obtain rights to cover college sports and even larger events such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup in years to come? 

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