Resorts Casino Bonus Code 2019

You will be able to find out below some more information about the way this casino operates. You’ll learn more about the promotions and the games. If you’re interested – get right to the Resorts Casino exclusive bonus code below:

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How to register on the website

Most online gambling websites have simple rules when it comes to registering an account. And such is the case with Resorts Casino as well. All you will need to do is visit the website first. Then you will need to locate the “join now” button in the top right corner of the screen. After you press this button, you will be taken to another screen where you will need to write a couple of details about yourself. You will need to write an email and create a password. And you will also need to write some personal information like first and last name. After you have completed the process, you will be able to begin using the services of Resorts Casino.


There are a few bonuses that players can benefit from at the Resorts Casino. For the sake of simplicity, we have decided to write some more information about them here. So, below you will find out some more information about the bonus offers at Resorts Casino:

  • Mega Jackpots. If you want to win some serious money, then we suggest that you start playing the mega jackpot games at Resorts Casino. You will be able to get more than half a million dollars if you’re lucky enough. This is a fantastic promotional offer – however, you really need to get lucky in order to win the mega jackpot. But if you do win it – you will be able to get life-changing money.
  • Everbody Loves Diamonds. If you enjoy playing slots, then you should try the slot game Black Diamond at Resorts Casino. If you do so and if you place your wagers diligently, then you will get access to the EVERIbody Loves Diamonds promotion. You can get up to $125 in free money if you’re lucky enough. And there are many other prizes as well.
  • $3,000,000 daily games. This is by far the fastest and cheapest way you could use in order to become a millionaire. All you need to do is play the daily games where this bonus applies. And every day you could play for the $3,000,000 prize – again, a life-changing sum of money.

For more information on the most current and up-to-date promotional offers, we suggest you visit the website of Resorts Casino. There you can find all the information you may need on the subject at hand.

Bonus terms and conditions

If you want to take full inventory of the bonus offers, then you will need to know the terms and conditions. These are rules of sorts that govern the use of the bonuses. We have made a shortlist of some of the most important terms that you need to follow in order to be granted the bonuses.

When it comes to the mega jackpot bonus, all you will need to do is play the progressive jackpot games. There are no other conditions that you need to meet. However, be advised that you may need a lot of time for winning the jackpot – most people never really make it. It all depends on how lucky you get.

For the $3,000,000 daily games prize, all you’ll need to do is once again play the games. You will be given entries for the bonus offers and from then on you can hope for the best.

For the EVERIbody Loves Diamonds promotion, you will need to do two things. The first thing that you need to do is write the code “DIAMOND” in the appropriate field on the website. The second thing that you will need to do is actually play the Black Diamond game. The more you play, the higher the odds that you will win a prize.

For more information on the terms and conditions about the various bonus offers at Resorts Casino, we suggest that you check out the appropriate sections on the website itself.


Is the site legal?

This is one of the most important questions that people ask. The internet has its fair share of illegal online casinos that aren’t accredited properly. That being said, you won’t have to worry about the legality of Resorts Casino. The trick here is that you can only play gambling games on this website if you reside in the state of New Jersey. This is where Resorts Casino has a license to operate. Chances are that more and more states will legalize online gambling and that Resorts Casino will begin offering online gambling services in these states as well in the near future.

How can I withdraw my money?

There are several methods for this purpose. We will add a separate paragraph for the withdrawal methods below. For now, it’s important to know that there is a multitude of ways that you can use for withdrawal and that they are all legit and safe to use.

Can I use bonus codes on the website?

There is always the option to use promotional codes on the Resorts Casino website. In fact, you will have to use promo codes just so you can get access to some of the bonuses and promotional offers. That being said, you can find many of these promotional codes all over the internet. If you find one such code, don’t hesitate to write it in the appropriate fields on the website.

Promotions for existing players

Resorts Casino hasn’t really forgotten about its existing player base. It’s true that they have promotional offers catered for the newer players – like the welcome deposit bonus. However, most of their promotional offers are something that existing players could use. So, the Mega Jackpots can be won by new and existing players alike. And existing players could also enjoy using the EVERIbody Loves Diamonds offer. Finally, it goes without saying that the existing players could play for the incredible $3,000,000 daily games bonus. So, regardless if you’re a new or an existing player, Resorts Casino has you covered when it comes to bonuses and other promotional offers.

Quality of platform


One of the most important things that gambling websites should have is ergonomy. This term may sound complex to you, but it just means that the website has a simple interface that is easy to understand and use. So, how does Resorts Casino fare in this regard? Pretty good, actually. The first thing that you will do on the website is register an account. As we have mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs – this is a very easy, simple-to-do process. And all the other stuff on the website is easily accessible. So, the ergonomy at Resorts Casino is on point.


The ergonomy of a website won’t amount to anything if there aren’t solid, fun games to back it up. If you visit the Resorts Casino website, then you will see that there are 5 different main sections. These are “featured”, “new!”, “all slots”, “table games” and “video poker”. If you check them out individually, then you will see all the games that are available on the website. You’ll be delighted to learn that there are dozens of different slot games for your enjoyment. Games like Black Diamond, Smokin’ Hot Gems, Cleopatra, and many others are available in the slot section. Then there are the table games like baccarat and roulette and their variations. Overall, Resorts Casino has a pretty solid offer when it comes to games.


The slot games have their own distinctive odds. This is the so-called Return to Player rate. The RTP rate is installed in the games by the game’s own manufacturers and it varies. But it’s typically in the zone around 95%, which means that the house will have around 5% edge over the player in the long run. And the odds are all equal when it comes to the games of roulette and baccarat. There is one variation in the game of roulette – the house has a slightly bigger edge in American roulette because of the double zero – the European version has one zero only.

Customer service

The Resorts Casino staff appreciates the customers. You will get high-quality service no matter who you are. This is one of the fundamental tenets of work that’s promoted at Resorts Casino. Regardless if you play in the real casino or online, you will get a first-class service.

Banking options


The deposit methods that you can use on the website are ACH/eCheck, PayPal, Resorts prepaid card, online bank transfer, Pay Near Me, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, or at the Resorts Casino Hotel Cage. There are different limits to the transactions depending on the method you’ll pick and different processing fees. We suggest you check the website for more information on the payment methods.


You can also use the same deposit methods for making a withdrawal. So, once again, you can use ACH/eCheck, PayPal, Resorts prepaid card, online bank transfer, Pay Near Me, Neteller, Mastercard, Visa, or withdraw your money at the Resorts Casino Hotel Cage. Some of these withdrawal methods take longer to get processed than some others. And some of them may charge you a fee. It’s best to get educated on the subject first before making your decision on what method to use.

Customer support

There are two ways in which you can contact tech support at Resorts Casino. The first way is by using the live chat option. This is by far the simplest and most efficient option to use. All you need to do is hit the “chat” button in the lower right corner of the screen on the website. After you have introduced yourself you will be connected to a representative of the customer support team. The second way in which you can contact the technical support team is by using the contact form available on the website. You will need to write your question and add some details – your personal email – so that the customer support team can respond to you. And then you wait for the response which is usually prompt.

Resorts on Mobile


You can download the Resorts Casino app and install it on Android and iOS apps. It’s easy to do this. Moreover, you will now have the benefit of playing your favorite gambling games while you’re on the go. All you need to have is access to the internet. And then you can use the app to gamble at Resorts online casino. It’s as simple as that.

Mobile website

And of course, the main website of the Resorts Casino is optimized for mobile devices. This gives you the opportunity to gamble even if you don’t have an Android or iOS device. The website is made to run on most mobile devices without any issues whatsoever. Everything is again designed in a highly ergonomic way.

Sportsbook & Casino Product Review

Online gambling was illegal in the United States on a federal level up until recently – with a few exceptions. All of this is about to change as the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the regulation that prevented the individual states to legalize online gambling. That being said, many of the United States are slated to legalize gambling in the near future. And there will be many online gambling havens soon. That being said, one of the places where you can go to gamble is Resorts Casino. We’re talking about the online version.

Resorts Casino definitely has what it takes to grab people’s attention. There is a selection of fantastic gambling games. There are also great bonuses. However, for now, you will only be able to use this casino’s online service if you reside in the area of New Jersey. This is the main drawback of the Resorts online casino. Other than that, everything that this casino offers is on par with what some of the best casinos in the world have to offer.

Top 3 Alternatives to the operator

  1. Mohegan Sun Casino – great selection of bonuses. Mohegan Sun Casino is one of the biggest rivals of Resorts Casino. What they have to offer are fantastic bonuses that new and existing players alike could use.
  2. 1xbet – big sports market and a solid library of casino games. This bookie will offer you the opportunity to do some sports betting alongside gambling. There are many sports markets and a fine selection of gambling games.
  3. SugarHouse Casino – quality web presentation and overall atmosphere. If you wish to feel like you’re a part of a thriving community, then we suggest you use SugarHouse Casino’s services. Everything is friendly and inviting about the website and you will love how this operator conducts business.

Validity period of the Resorts Casino Bonus Code: 2019

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