Caesars Casino: Guide for live sports betting NJ

Caesars Casino offers plenty for gamers located in New Jersey to enjoy, but there is more to this platform than what meets the eye. They’ve expanded casino products rapidly, but one of the most improved products is their overall live betting experience. We took a much closer look at this feature and reported our findings right here.

Live Betting at Caesars Casino

Not many people are fully aware of the quality of the Caesars Casino sportsbook yet, so it is our pleasure to bring all of this information to you. Our focus for this short read is all about the live betting experience that Caesars Casino provides, and we will take you through each and every element of this highly desirable feature throughout.

Simply read on for full details of the live betting seen at Caesars Casino.

Available Sports

Caesars casino live betting

As of February 2020, Caesars has more than 10 sports listed in their sportsbook offering. Of course, not all sports appeal to everyone, but the most popular sporting leagues include:

  • NHL
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • ATP/WTA Tennis
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NCAA Football

These are some of the most exciting sports and leagues throughout the globe, not just North America, so sportsbook users do have some of the top events to bet on. Despite these listed sports, Caesars Casino doesn’t offer live betting for every single event that they cover. Live betting services are more restricted to specific sports.

The good news for sportsbook users with Caesars is that you can bet live on American football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and hockey. The bad news is that Caesars isn’t always super consistent with their live betting offerings, so they may choose to not cover a certain hockey or tennis match for example. With this being the reality, we advise that you log in to check if the event you’d like to bet on is featured on any given day.

Standard Markets

You should know that Caesars Casino doesn’t exactly provide a wealth of sports betting markets, even when they are displaying pre-match markets. To put it bluntly, you would be lucky to get close to 10 available markets for any of their sports, with even less shown for live betting markets.

On the flip side, it is nice to see that they tend to provide at least three markets, regardless of the popularity of the event. They tend to provide moneyline markets for live betting, and the provided odds are high enough to provide a reasonable value for bettors. You will also find over / under markets where the odds, of course, adjust based on the events of the game, but these too are quite fair.

Finally, you’ll find updated spread markets throughout any event. In terms of extracting value from Caesars, we’d suggest looking at the over / under and spread markets for live betting, as these are flexible enough to keep your betting interesting and fun.

Presentation of Live Betting Markets

Moving away from odds, as well as sports and market varieties, we wanted to analyze the general interface of the live betting markets. After looking at several different sports and events, we found that the interface remains quite consistent and it’s quite enjoyable to use.

Firstly, we love the fact that the odds fluctuate alongside a color-coded system. When the odds are increasing, Caesars flashes a green symbol next to the market in which the odds have gone up. In contrast, when the odds are decreasing the color flashes red, which just gives a nice touch to the usual dull market presentations seen elsewhere.

Secondly, we feel that Caesars has made it quite convenient to see the range of available markets. By just clicking the in-play section, you’ll see all the events that are taking place. We enjoyed this presentation, as it completely removes the need to scroll for a long time on just one page. Segregating the live betting markets from the regular markets is definitely a positive thing.

One thing that we’d like to see available is the chance to change the format of the odds displayed. Since Caesars is open to the New Jersey market, we, of course, understand that presenting markets using American events, first of all, makes sense. However, some sports bettors prefer to use decimal odds or even European odds, even though they may be based in the USA.

Live Betting on Mobile

The nature of live betting markets is that they are constantly fluctuating. So, unless you want to be glued to a laptop or desktop site at home, having the chance to bet on the live markets on your mobile is of huge importance. Just imagine Novak Djokovic being 2 sets down in a Grand Slam, but you feel that he will come back and win, and the odds are fantastic – but you can’t place the bet because you aren’t home!

This will not be one of your worries with live betting at Caesars, for they have a well developed mobile app that permits live betting on-the-go. You do need to be located within New Jersey however to make any real money bets, so don’t try and place any live bets if you are outside of New Jersey borders.

Caesars has essentially converted the interface from the desktop site straight to the mobile experience too, for the features mentioned above do translate across to the mobile app. Whether you want to download to the app for iOS or Android, you’ll find that the layout and performance are quite similar.

There are also no live betting markets listed on the desktop site that aren’t available from the mobile app, and indeed the mobile site – so you aren’t missing out on anything.

Ease of Placing a Bet

Since odds are always on the move with sporting events, the importance of being able to place your live bet quickly and easily becomes a major factor. With live betting in the Caesars sportsbook, you are never more than 4 clicks away from placing a live bet. Check out the process below to make a live bet:

  1. Push the in-play link at the top of the page
  2. Choose your desired sporting market
  3. Enter the stake that you want to place on that particular market
  4. Click on ‘place bet’, and within milliseconds it will be listed in your bet slip

While you may think that 4 steps are a lot, we can assure you that it really doesn’t take long at all. Once you become familiar with the format of the site, and what markets you generally lookout for, you’ll be placing live bets like an expert in no time at all.

Promotions for Live Betting

Caesars casino welcome bonus

If you’re curious about receiving some extra rewards in return for your sports bets with Caesars, do not skip this section! The range of promotions that relate to live betting is by no means extensive, but you may as well access them if they are available. Please check out some of the bonuses that are sometimes shown on the Caesars platform, but do note, these aren’t always available. You may require a Caesars Casino bonus code to obtain some promotions.

For this reason, you should try and check-in as often as you can to monitor the ongoing promotions that relate to live bets.

  • Bet $10 get $10

This is one of the classic promotions that other sportsbook platforms provide, and Caesars has been known to issue these from time to time. Basically, if you make a $10 bet on a specified event on the platform, they will give you $10 that can be used on the live betting markets. The actual numerical amounts can be different, so please don’t assume that bet $10 get $10 will be the exact promotion.

  • Bet boosts for live markets

The good thing about Caesars Casino is that they are still relatively new to sportsbook offerings, so the likelihood that they will continue to advance their bonus incentives is quite high. A popular type of bonus that we can expect from Caesars is the bet boost incentive, whereby the stake that you place could get boosted by figures such as 25% or 50%, which does apply to in-play bets.

  • Early payouts

This applies mainly to single bets made, but it’s still a promotion that can give you an edge in sports betting. One example is that you could get early payouts for soccer moneyline markets, where if your team goes up by 2 goals you will automatically win the bet.

Please note that while we have seen these bonuses before, Caesars Casino tends to run these promotions entirely at their discretion. Therefore we can’t always predict when they will next be available. However, a quick tip is to watch out for larger upcoming events as Caesars and other betting sites will give a greater range of promotions around the time of popular sporting games.


Caesars does provide one of the simplest live betting experiences out there, so it is great for convenience and those that aren’t too familiar with live betting yet. In order to compete with some of the bigger players, however, they need to add to their range of markets in a big way, they need to have more cashout options regardless of the market, and they could do with implementing the ability to change the odds display.